Our Services

Compliance planning

We provide you with a customised plan in complaince with national and international standards and guidelines to safely run your business. This would include infrastructure planning, staff planning, staff training, safety norms and precautions, customer and staff safety measures and precautions.


After customised planning, we also provide guidance and assistance for execution of the COVID safety plan. This would include implementation of all the safety measures and precautions. We also provide training to the staff about the implementation and adherence to the standards. We also monitor the compliance to the COVID plan on a regular basis.

After successful compliance planning and execution of COVID plan, we provide your business with a certification for “COVID Safe facility”. This is a quality standard certification for both staff and customer safety.

Dentists who treat patients using aerosole are at an extremely dangerous risk of inoculation of themselves, their dental assistants, other office staff members, and reinoculation of the patients. COVID Consultants trained my staff and helped me setup a process that ensures maximum safety of staff and the patients. Their training not only helped us at the workplace but also helped us take safety measures at home without compromising the efficiency of the business.